Sketch 有哪些插件值得推荐?


推荐 Silver Flows ,直接在 Sketch 里做交互原型


Introducing Silver : Lightweight Mobile Prototyping in Sketch 3


———————— 2016-6-17 更新 ————————

终于搞到 Activate code(在 Facebook 讨论组、Twitter 上找了一圈,最后还是一位广州的朋友分享了他收到的鸡和马,非常感谢他。现在还剩 3 枚。独乐乐不如众乐乐,有需要的请在评论里留言,仅 3 枚,手快有,手慢无。请收到的朋友也能帮助一起测试,并将测试意见和建议反馈回去帮助改进。

现在 Silver Flows 已经被 InVision 收购, 并入 Craft 中,就叫「Prototype」,见上图中第 4 项。

附上来自 Product Manager 的邮件 原文:

From: Aby from InVision <> Date: Tue, May 31, 2016 at 11:00 PM Subject: Early access to Prototype, from InVision Craft Hi there, As you've probably heard, Silver Flows was acquired by InVision and will now be released as part of InVision Craft. Craft enhances your workflow with innovative features like Library, Duplicate, Type, and Photos. Now, we’re renaming Silver Flows as Prototype and integrating it into Craft (for Sketch only). Since you signed up for the Silver Flows beta, you’re invited to be part of the Prototype beta and help us build a solid product before we release it publicly. By joining our private beta program, you’ll have access to exclusive pre-release builds for Mac and iOS. We would love your feedback on:
  • Craft performance, specifically Prototype
  • Syncing between your device and your Mac
  • Interacting with your prototype on your device
  • Any bugs you come across or experiences you find to be unintuitive

To get started:

  1. Create an InVision account if you don’t have one.
  2. Download the latest version of InVision Viewer from the App Store and create an account/log in.
  3. Make sure your Craft Manager plugin is on version 1.2.9. If not, press cmd+shift+r and update it.
  4. Open the Craft Manager window and press cmd+shift+b.
  5. Enter in one of the activation codes: ******
  6. Switch to “Prototype Beta” in the dropdown menu at the top of the window.

Share with your friends

You have five activation codes—share these within your network! We also welcome you to share your experience via a blog or Medium post (videos and .gifs are okay!). Feedback, bugs, and questions If you have ANY feedback—whether you have a bug report, find certain features are not working as you expected, or have a feature request—reach out to InVision Support On behalf of the InVision team: Welcome! We're so glad to have you on board. Email with any questions! Looking forward to your feedback, Aby Product Manager at InVision InVision - A Design Prototyping, Collaboration & Workflow Platform @abynim |

中午简单的试玩了一把:点击一个 Artboard 上的按钮,切换至另一个 Artboard,操作还算直观、方便,但是无法在 Sketch 中直接 Preview ,需安装 InVision Viewer 查看和测试交互效果。


———————— 2016-6-21 更新 ————————

Well, Y2B 上有个哥们很欢乐的试玩 一圈,还提供了源文件下载,请自备梯子观看。

Craft 2.0 Prototype from InVision Walk-Through

———————— 2017-5-27 更新 ————————


很遗憾,Silver Flow 已被垃圾 InVision 玩废了!!!!!